The 25-year-old ‘TWINNEM’ femcee faces backlash after she criticizes the music industry, saying that any song can be a hit and that ‘everybody is a star’ nowadays.

AceShowbizCoi Leray makes sure to use her platform to share her opinion on anything. The “Players” femcee sparked debate when she criticized the music industry in a tweet on Monday, May 8.

“The music industry is over saturated,” she wrote on Twitter, “Every song is a hit. Everybody is a star.” The tweet quickly drew backlash as someone replied, “Can’t help but think Coi benefited from said saturation. Valid message, wrong messenger.”

The tweet didn’t sit well with Coi, who then fired back at the user, “Y’all buggen. My versatility, my stage presence . My stats. My collabs. My Brand Deals. Fashion Girl. I can dance. Sing. Rap. It’s fine if you don’t see it now. I’m in no rush for you to notice.”

The 25-year-old musician went on to stress her versatility as an artist in a separate tweet which read, “lol I’m that girl. Real life. Offline. In the booth. On the stage. On the red carpet. On the radio. Overseas. And that’s just what it is. Shout out to my bitches who stay true to them selves and dgaf what nobody has to say!”

When one user noted that she “got big off of TikTok sounds,” the daughter of Benzino responded, “How many people on TikTok went top 10 gobal? How many on TikTok had the amount of success I had with NMP , TWINNEM, BIG PURR, DDG IMPATIENT , plus soooo many more.”

Another person, meanwhile, was more interested in Coi claiming herself a rapper. “Oh so now claim rapper? Last year you were ranting about not wanting to be seen as a rapper,” the person wrote. In response to that, Coi said, “Don’t lock me in the box!!! However yes ima rapper trapper baller singer dancer and just might add ACTRESS to the listttt.”

One fan additionally asked Coi to humble herself. “please coi dont get to cocky i was loving about you u were doing ur thing and just stayin to urself shutting down the doubters now u start getting cocky these stan bases will go out of their way to make sure u fail just be humble and move in silence,” the fan told her.

“I’m not cocky at all. I’m human . I should be able to speak how I feel,” Coi reasoned in her response. “Look at me like ya sistaaa when you need a have a drink and call. Don’t worry bootsyyy. It’s all love end of the day.”

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