Coronation Street star Sair Khan's boyfriend is in hospital after having an operation to remove a benign bone tumour in his pelvis.

Nathan Chilton has filmed his condition on social media with his most recent YouTube and Instagram video showing him post-surgery after having physiotherapy.

The chiropractor was due to have his surgery before the new year, however it was cancelled just minutes before due to his consultant falling ill.

The actress' boyfriend had already starved himself for over a day before being told the operation would be rescheduled for around a week later.

Nathan revealed how he was fearful and anxious about the surgery before it was suddenly cancelled.

He reassured fans he was going to keep in a positive mindset despite the devastating news which he called the "biggest anti-climax" ever.

Speaking earlier this week from his hospital bed, he said: "Second physio session of the day. I managed to sit up on the edge of the bed, transfer myself to the commode, get up from the commode with a zimmer frame and walk three steps."

Sair who plays Alya Nazir in ITV soap Corrie, explained how overwhelmed she felt by all of the messages she has received from fans.

She penned: "I'm so proud of him for being so open and vulnerable in the hope that others won't feel so alone."

The couple first met after being introduced by a friend.

A source told Th Sun last year: "They've been dating since late last year after meeting through a mutual friend.

"Things have been going really well and it's no secret that they're head over heels for each other. Everyone's hoping she's found The One."

Previously, Sair was dating fellow soap star Simone Lennon for two years before calling it quits in 2019 after not being able to find time for their relationship due to their busy schedules.

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