Reports of rising tensions between Rachel Riley and Anne Robinson on the set of Countdown have been brewing this month – but what is really going on between the duo?

Anne is the newest member to the Countdown team, but drama has already ensued on set as reports claiming Anne had Rachel's microphone turned off because she was "too loud" came out.

However, as the feud appears to worsen, is it a mere disconnection or could the feud cut a little deeper and prove to be something the two can work on?

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Andre Radmall, psychotherapist, coach and author, shared his thoughts on the pair regarding how they have been acting on screen.

Andre said: "Anne takes a fairly powerful position in their communication. In verbal exchanges that I saw, Rachel shares opinions and stories which Anne doesn't necessarily respond to with much enthusiasm.

"Rachel tends to use gestures in her communication whereas Anne is more still. This again tends to come across as Anne being the more powerful one and staying in her own controlled space."

Despite their differences, Andre believes that their personalities and communication styles could ultimately work.

He said: "I think that what we may be seeing is two people with distinct personalities and communication styles. While this could lead to a conflict I wonder if what we are witnessing is two very different people learning how to work together.

"They certainly seem to operate with quite different energies. Anne comes across as quite focused and in control, Rachel as reaching out more obviously to connect with others in the show.

This could end up being a really interesting and compelling TV partnership if Anne and Rachel can work together and complement each other's communication styles."

"I think another factor being played out between Robinson and Riley is simply due to age difference.

"There is sometimes a slightly more formal and withheld approach in older people as opposed to a more spontaneous and chatty approach in some younger people.

"Again this diversity could look like conflict when in fact it’s just a different approach to communication in the public glare of TV."

Andre's thoughts on the pairing comes shortly after it was reported that Rachel has "had enough".

A source told The Sun that Rachel would "consider walking away from Countdown if the issues weren't sorted".

Although tensions remain incredibly high between Rachel and Anne, Andre remains hopeful that ultimately their differences will bring the duo together to make them a fantastic TV duo.

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