D.C. Punks Flasher Cruise Back Into View With a Low-Key Disco Delight

Nearly four years later, we fade in on Flasher cruising down a desert highway, sounding positively carefree. The trio that made Constant Image has been pared down to the duo of Mulitz and drummer/singer Emma Baker, and the two of them move in a whole new way on “Sideways,” the first single from their upcoming LP Love Is Yours, due out June 17. Mulitz’s and Baker’s guitars strum out a breezy disco rhythm as their vocals overlap with ease, letting the song unfold in no hurry. The time out of the spotlight sounds like it’s done them good.

This is a Flasher you can dance to, a band whose punk origins are somewhere in the distant background of a pleasant dream. Were they ever so uptight? Don’t worry about it, just let the groove take you away.

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