Upon the release of the music video for the track off the Charlotte rapper’s 2022 album ‘Baby on Baby 2’, fans take to social media to express their disappointment.

AceShowbizDaBaby and Anthony Hamilton recently released a music video for their collaboration “Blank” almost a year after the release. Upon the release of the music video on Friday, March 17, fans took to social media to express their disappointment.

The music video depicts a lavish, dramatic, and fatal relationship and sees both artists dressing dapper. The Charlotte rapper is seen tied to a chair in a big mansion after being caught sleeping with the soul singer’s girl.

While chasing DaBaby, he stops at his refrigerator for a bottle of water. Anthony eventually captures the 31-year-old and holds a gun to his head. When Anthony is about to shoot DaBaby, his partner surprises everyone in the room and shoots him.

Upon watching the visuals for the song, which also earned bad responses when it was released last year, fans were not impressed. “If we want to move forward as a people we really have to look in the mirror and figure out what role we as as individuals had in making that Anthony Hamilton and Dababy song happen,” one Twitter user wrote passionately.

Another person said, “I get why folks are mad at Anthony Hamilton for that DaBaby collab. But outside of that… that song sounds terrible.” Someone added, “DaBaby featuring Anthony Hamilton was absolutely not on my 2023 bingo card.”

“Blank” is the latest music video from DaBaby’s September 2022 album Baby On Baby 2. Prior to this, he shared videos for “Summa Dat”, “Boogeyman” and “Socks”.

His music career aside, DaBaby is facing multiple open cases. His civil trial over his alleged assault of a property owner in 2021 was postponed until October of this year as he handles the criminal trial for the same incident.

“If the trial date is not continued, [DaBaby] will not be able to respond to discovery or testify without providing information that could potentially incriminate him in the parallel criminal case. The trial date must be continued to protect [DaBaby’s] Fifth Amendment rights,” his lawyers stated.

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