Good Morning Britain star Dr Hilary Jones' step-daughter, Zoe Markos-Thresher, 25, revealed that she was body-shamed at a photoshoot when a client wanted a 'taller and skinnier' model.

As the step-daughter of well known TV medical expert Dr Hilary, Zoe shared her experience on social media and said she felt disrespected by the team.

On Instagram Stories she wrote: “So, today something happened to me for the first time since I've been modelling which I felt compelled to share.

“I had been booked on a yoga shoot for the afternoon and I noticed the client whispering about me to the stylist.

“The photographer and stylist were then asked to go for a chat and when they came back, the client informed me that they wanted a taller and skinnier model with less leg muscle, despite the fact all of my measurements/portfolio images were supplied to them before the shoot.

“The client had already left the room at this stage and didn't have the courage to even tell me this herself or even to say goodbye which felt even more disrespectful than the whole ordeal itself. “

The model went on to say that if it had happened to a younger her, she would have been 'crushed by it'.

She said: “A few years ago, something like that would have absolutely crushed me and knocked my confidence for a long time but luckily I can honestly laugh about it now.

“Fair enough if you want a tall, skinny girl to model your brand but this beauty ideal that we have been drip-fed for so many years is outdated and does not relate to the majority by any means.

“To anyone who has ever struggled with body image or self-confidence, what your body can do is so, so, much more important than what your body looks like.

“Your health and wellbeing overrides all. I'm proud of what I can do with my body.'

“And since I learned to put my self-worth into the things that I love doing, rather than beating myself for everything that I'm not, I feel more prepared than ever to handle a situation like this with my head held high.

'I'm definitely not perfect and this is something I have to work on a lot but I'm slowly getting there.

“I'm so lucky and appreciative to have supportive agencies & to have worked with some incredible brands & sport brands who chose me for me and I am even more grateful that they share the same values.

“P.S these guys need to catch up because the world is moving in a whole new direction and they're going to be left well behind. And c'mon, behaving like this in the name of yoga? Seriously.”

Zoe's mother, Dr Hilary’s third wife Dee Jones, defended her on Instagram saying she was 'proud' of her for how she dealt with it.

Dee said: “So this happened to my daughter today and she has put this on her story. I'm so proud of how she has dealt with this situation but equally disgusted at this client.”

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