Earlier this month, EastEnders actor Michael Greco's girlfriend Helen Harris gave birth six weeks early.

The actor shared at the time that baby Gianluca had been born with gastroschisis. This is a rare genetic disorder when the abdomen does not develop fully while in the womb.

Little Gianluca has already undergone an operation to correct this, but Michael's now revealed that he’s set to undergo another ‘critical’ one. It's hoped this will allow Michael and Helen's son to live a normal life.

"Daddy,Daddy. What’s the name of that song you love?…It’s on the tip of my tongue… Oh yes, I know….. NESSUN DORMAAAAAAAA……," he said on Instagram.

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"My beautiful and brave son, Gianluca, hopefully has one more critical operation before he can start to try and live a normal, healthy life.

"I’m not the most religious of people but I am praying with all my heart that my absolute world will pull through like the true fighter he has already shown to be.

"I love you GG xxx’

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Michael revealed the birth of Gianluca to his social media followers earlier this month.

The former BBC star shared a sweet picture of him stroking the baby’s head, with tubes visible in the child’s nose and mouth, writing:

"My boy… Gianluca Greco. Born July 1st 2021. Weighing 4.47lbs.

‘"The little man was born prematurely due to the fact that previous scans had failed to pick up his rare birth defect called Gastroschisis.

"The consultant suggested it was best for him to born early so that he could get the necessary care and attention.

‘‘He was born at University College of London Hospital @uclh Their staff were extremely professional and Mother and Baby could not have been in better hands. Dad was a “tad” emotional to say the least!"

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