EastEnders Nina Wadia gobsmacked after fan asked for pic while she was in labour

Telly star Nina Wadia has revealed she was asked for a selfie while she was in labour.

The ex- EastEnders actress, 54, was giving birth to her son Aidan when she was asked for the snap by a crazed fan.

And the odd request left her stunned.

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She told the Daily Star: “The strangest place I’ve been recognised was when I was giving birth.

“They asked for a selfie. It was really odd timing. It was a slightly strange sensation. It was a very unusual time to ask.

“It’s not a good thing to happen when you’re mid-delivery!”

Nina wasn’t keen to have her photo taken while she was giving birth so she turned them down.

She added: “My response was, ‘How about not now… maybe after’.”

Nina normally loves being recognised by fans.

The mum-of-two is best known for playing Zainab Masood on EastEnders.

Over the years she’s starred on classic comedies Goodness Gracious Me and Still Open All Hours.

She said: “I get recognised from EastEnders all the time.

“I love that the character was that special to people.

“It means something to me. I’m very happy about that.”

Nina is in good company though, as a number of other famous faces have been asked for selfies at very awkward moments.

One Direction star Niall Horan even confessed he was once asked for a photo with a fan while he was having a wee.

"That’s not even weird to me now. That’s how often it happens. Football games… [my] w***y’ is out… [I have to say], 'Maybe outside'," he said while speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show previously.

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