Eddie Marsan hits back at friend of college bully over cruel social media post

Eddie Marsan hit back at a friend of a college "bully" after they tried to mock him on Twitter.

The British actor has starred in huge films like Deadpool 2, Mission: Impossible III (2006), Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes (2009), and The World's End (2013) as well as TV shows like Grange Hill.

But the 54-year-old was forced to step in and put a Twitter troll in their place when they bragged about his friend mocking Marsan at college.

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And it wasn't long before the star was inundated with support from his famous friends and fans.

It came after someone penned a mean post about the actor which read: "Do you ever scroll through Netflix, when you think that you’ve found a film to watch, all of a sudden you scream “Eww! F*** that! It’s got Eddie Marsan in it!”? It keeps happening…”

One of the actor's fellow college students replied to the tweet revealing that his friend Russ poked fun at Eddie's appearance in front of the whole class.

They wrote: "Many years ago my oppo was at the Print College @ the Elephant. Marsan came late to the class and sat in front of Russ.

"The lecturer said this is Eddie, be nice to him, Russ flicked his ears from behind and started singing “Eddie the Elephant packed his trunk.”

But Eddie didn't hold back when he saw the tweet, where he insisted his mocker could 'Google him' to see how well he was doing these days.

He replied: "Yeah I was bullied, relentlessly at printing college, it was awful. I remember your mate doing that. I’m glad you find it funny.

"If he wants to know how I am now, he can just Google me, I have a beautiful wife, 4 wonderful kids, and I’ve been in over 120 films. How’s he doing?"

Eddie's fellow Grange Hill star Sean Maguire wrote: "Hahaha drop the mic. His only claim to fame is he once met you. And was a d**k. Don’t doubt he still is. Bravo Eddie."

Actor Matthew Marsden replied: "Imagine someone tweeting this and thinking it’s some kind of win? Good grief."

TV star Gail Porter added: "Oh Eddie. I love you. Been there. You’re fabulous."

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