Lisa Marie Presley: Recording duet gave me connection to dad

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Elvis Presley’s Graceland was The King’s very own playground. Since the star couldn’t walk around in public without being spotted, he made the most of the grounds at his Memphis mansion. Famously, he would drive around in golf carts, as would his security team and daughter Lisa Marie Presley. She had her personal one gifted to her by her father at his last Christmas in 1976. Originally the vehicle had a roof, yet her childhood friend would be responsible for its removal just days after first using it.

Danny Smith is the son of Memphis Mafia member Billy Smith, Elvis’ first cousin, and grew up at Graceland with The King’s daughter.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he was asked if Lisa’s golf cart ever had a top to it. He replied: “Yes when Elvis first got Lisa’s golf cart, it had a top on it and a windshield. It was a few days, a week after she got it, we were riding on it and actually she was letting me drive it. I was driving and I turned real sharp and those being three-wheel machines, they would kick up on the side or turn over. And I actually flipped it up and it started to turn over and fell into a big tree and it bend up the roof real bad and cracked the windshield.”

The Memphis Mafia Kid was terrified of what Elvis would make of the news and knew he wouldn’t be pleased.

Danny said: “I really thought my butt was in a sling. But Lisa actually told Elvis that she did it. She took one for the team I guess you could say. And I’m damn glad she did!”

After this, the roof was taken off permanently, but the incident didn’t mark the end of Lisa and her childhood friends’ mischief. One time they pulled upright by Graceland’s gates where fans were waiting and asked if they could have a picture with The King’s daughter.

Lisa would agree if they let her take a picture of them first, but then would drive off with their camera in the golf cart. Sometimes she and her Memphis Mafia childhood friends would fill up the vehicle with big green walnuts and then throw them at fans, but luckily no one was hit. Even when Elvis’ daughter visits Graceland with her family today she still enjoys riding the golf carts with them. Although the Memphis mansion has been a museum since 1982, it’s still very much home for her.


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