Emmerdale star Jay Kontzle says he was "sweating" when his wife Mimi explained to him that she was pregnant with their third child.

Despite their excitement, Jay admits that he and his wife were extremely startled by her news, with the star who plays Billy on the soap being left "sweating".

Jay, 30, who plays Billy in the ITV soap and has been a fan favourite since joining in 2018 has now revealed that he's finally come to terms with the addition to his family and is overjoyed.

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The star who hails from Crewe, Cheshire, currently shares KaiBo, six and Zian, four, with Mimi who he married in 2017.

But he received the news when he was least expecting to find out he was going to be a dad again.

Speaking to OK! he said: "Mimi called me during my lunch break on set and told me.

"I was sitting eating lunch in the sun and all of a sudden I went hot and started dripping with sweat, I was a bit shocked.

"Before that, Mimi had said she wanted to get a pregnancy test and I said, 'A pregnancy test? That's a lot of money, especially with the cost of living going up.'

"Then I was in work and she decided to throw a spanner in the works over lunch!"

However, just one week before discovering their family would be growing, Mimi had given away all of their baby items, explaining she "didn't think it would happen."

Revealing how she told Jay the news, she said: "I rang him and said, 'You're never going to guess what? I'm pregnant,' he replied 'You're not!'"

Jay added: "She was so casual and there I was, sweating!"

But before discovering their fate, Mimi had been teasing Jay about expanding their family to become a family of five.

She continued: "I'd been winding Jay up for months before, saying I really wanted another child – but his answer was always no.

"So I think that made me want another one more, basically just to be spiteful but then it kind of backfired and I did end up getting pregnant.

"I don't have a regular period anyway but I was late and I knew something was up, so I did a test.

"I was shocked it was positive but it's a nice surprise and we know we're lucky to be having another child, we're excited and it's a blessing."

The couple are planning to pay homage to Mimi's Chinese heritage and give their third offspring a Chinese name, similar to their two children.

But they do not know the gender of their child who is due in November of this year.


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