Break out your pink SNSD light-sticks and brush up on your “Into the New World” choreo, because Girls’ Generation, (the most influential K-pop girl group of all time), is back. In celebration of an elite 15th anniversary, all eight members of the K-pop collective have finally reunited following a five-year hiatus. Despite fans consistently begging for a revival at least once a month since 2017, a milestone as rare as 15 years together left the women no option but to give the people what they want. Now that they’re back, here’s a chance to give yourself a little refresher on who’s who, and why Girls’ Generation is and will always be that group.

The Beginning of Girls’ Generation

The SM group debuted in 2007 with the aforementioned track “Into the New World,” which would eventually peak at No. 2 in Korea, and become an anthem for peaceful protest, followed by their hit song “Gee.” The bouncy production of “Gee,” with its catchy chorus and vivid music video, further cemented Girls’ Generation as “The Nation’s Girl Group” in South Korea. After tapping into an irresistible style of cheery K-pop music, the group went on to become one of the best-selling girl groups of all time courtesy of sold-out world tours, six studio albums, and over 100 award wins, becoming the blueprint for generations to come.

The Members

Taeyeon (33)

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As the group’s leader, Taeyeon has spent her entire career displaying an unmatched vocal technique that works particularly well on ballads but is just as compelling on upbeat tracks. At the top of 2022, Taeyeon also debuted as a member of SM’s all-star lineup, GOT the beat, so her group skills are already primed and ready to go. But honestly, the last thing Taeyeon would ever need is a warm-up anyways…

Sunny (33)

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Lead vocalist and sub rapper Sunny may have been the final addition to the group, but she’s the heart of Girls’ Generation. Regardless of any comeback theme, the versatility of her style lives up to the hype of K-pop visuals, and her lines on “Melody” left no crumbs so the confirmation of a Sunny appearance in 2022 outside of her impressive hosting gigs is an absolute delight.

Tiffany (33)

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Similar to Sunny’s role in the group, the California-born K-pop star acts as Girls’ Generation’s second lead vocalist and sub rapper having initially joined SM in 2004. In 2016, Tiffany was the second member to release a debut solo track titled, “I Just Wanna Dance” under SM, before joining Transparent Arts the following year with solo music dropping as recent as 2019. Post-Girls’ Generation departure, Tiffany has shown her vocal skills on thoughtful English solo tracks like “Born Again,” so yes, she’s mastered both group and solo work.

Hyo (32)

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Dancer, DJ, singer, songwriter, soloist, producer… the list goes on. As the main rapper, main dancer, and sub-vocalist of Girls’ Generation, Hyo often brings a precision to the group’s more assertive tracks, starting with the 2011 song “The Boys,” and the ambitiously produced single “I Got A Boy” in 2012. In present-day K-pop, Hyo has already kicked off 2022 as a fellow GOT the beat member and added multiple hits like “Deep” to her repertoire, so we’re eager to see how she combines her newfound edgier side with Girls’ Generation for this return.


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Yuri was picked out by SM in 2001 after dominating in a youth-centric dance competition, and over time, brought a sometimes-raspier, rich tone to the lighter pop stylings of Girls’ Generation. In between her releases with the group or its sub-unit, Yuri has taken on various acting roles like the upcoming drama series Good Job, showcased her cooking expertise on YouTube, and even received a solo release.

Sooyoung (32)

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Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung is probably the most unafraid to speak her mind, typically known to have a sibling-like bond with the members. As their lead dancer, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist, Sooyoung’s always known to captivate. (Remember this iconic pre-show moment?) In recent years, she’s opted to solely focus on her acting career. As of 2022, she’s starred in over a dozen film and television roles including a leading role in the upcoming series If You Wish Upon Me. With Sooyoung returning to Girls’ Generation to embrace her musical roots, we’re dying to see how she tackles her first big comeback in nearly 5 years.

Yoona (32)

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Quadrilingual member Yoona (who can speak Korean, English, Chinese, and basic Japanese) is known for being a lead rapper, vocalist, lead dancer, and the all-important center of Girls’ Generation (icon). Yoona is also more recently recognized for her roles in major Korean films, sharing the occasional dance cover on social media, and having endorsement deals like Miu Miu, so her eventual addition to the Girls’ Generation sub-unit Oh!GG in 2018 merely helped Yoona complete a full-on cultural takeover. Plus, all these years after dropping “When the Wind Blows,” we’re still regularly listening to it on repeat.

Seohyun (31)

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After peacefully departing the group’s label in 2017, Girls’ Generation’s youngest participant and lead vocalist Seohyun has found success in her extensive film, television, and theater roles. Musically speaking, Seohyun has delivered a few fascinating glittery-pop hits and masterful covers through the harmonious trio Girls’ Generation-TTS with Taeyeon and Tiffany, or a serendipitous pairing with Yuri on “Secret,” teasing that Seohyun has plenty more to offer when crafting hits alongside her Girls’ Generation family. Since leaving the music company, the star’s choice to then sign with an acting agency kept the door cracked for more music, and an event like a 15th anniversary offers just enough time to work out any scheduling kinks.

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