First Dates’ Fred Sirieux shares fiery Gordon Ramsay’s most ‘annoying habit’

First Dates star Fred Sirieix has shared chef Gordon Ramsay's most annoying habits.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Fred spoke about his two co-star pals Gordon and Gino G'Acampo who star alongside him on their ITV travel series.

Talking about the pair's most annoying traits, Fred said: "Gordon is always right which can be annoying at times and sometimes he is wrong. He doesn't understand that but we just say nothing.

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"Gino doesn't want to do anything he wants to do what he wants to do and it's like 'c'mon mate' and he's like 'I'm not doing that' and it's like 'f*** sake, Gino'. But there's nothing you can do you cant change them.

"A leopard doesn't change their spots it's just who they are and I think we are too old to change now."

Fred also opened up about his off-screen arguments with his two ITV co-stars who all star on Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip.

The trio are known for having hilarious chemistry between them and plenty of bickers.

However, how do they get on off-screen?

"We argue all the time – all the time… We just argue all of the time," Fred said.

"I try to keep the peace, I am really in the middle, it's like that when we are filming and when we are not filming and nobody wants to listen."

But has things ever with the chefs ever got truly heated when the cameras aren't rolling?

He confirmed: "All the time… But I don't care, I literally don't care."

Fred is currently working on a campaign for the travel health advice platform which helps travellers find the right vaccination information for their trip.

The French TV star explained: "I think it's a great campaign, Beware of the Bugs. When you're going on holiday, type the destination and you know what vaccination you need to have before you go."

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"I wanted to be part of the campaign because it's about vaccinations and I think it's important science which has been around for hundreds of years.

"Life is difficult enough and dangerous enough as it so just get the jab. When I grew up, it was never a question of the topic of contention. I don't remember a time like this where people were questioning the validity of the vaccination so I think it's just crazy really. I believe in it and I think it's important to send the right message."

Research by have found that 3 in 5 agree that not being able to travel during the pandemic has made them want to see more of the world (62%)¹. Despite the pandemic bringing our health to the forefront of our minds, only 2 in 5 (44%)¹ travellers research the suggested vaccines for their destination.


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