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A TikTok fitness influencer has been using her platform to 'prove' that social media is fake.

Stefana Avara, a popular content creator on the worldwide platform, has been using her account to show that many posts by influencers are 'fake' and people shouldn't take notice of them.

Lots of us will have been feeling a bit of extra timber after Christmas and the New Year and quickly scrapped health resolutions.

It doesn't help when people continue to compare themselves to their favourite celebrities on social media.

Images are often doctored by certain stars or a trick of the light can make their body look a way it otherwise wouldn't, creating a false image for some insecure followers.

Stefana has gained popularity for sharing videos of what her body really looks like, showing perfectly normal tummy rolls when sitting down. Still the sign of a completely healthy person.

Under one post caption 'proof that social media is fake', she wrote: "A filter and a post can go a long way… don't be so hard on yourself!"

Who is Stefana Avara?

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Stefana Avara is a fitness guru now popular on TikTok for her 'body positive' positive posts.

She has now reached over 880,000 followers and her posts have been liked a whopping 21.7 million times.

In March 2021, Business Insider named her in the top 28 most popular fitness influencers on TikTok.

The Ohio University graduate posts under the username has shared the body positive post with her 870,000 TikTok followers.

Working as a fitness instructor, she revealed in April 2021 that she averages 200 personal training clients a month.

What is Stefana Avara's net worth?

Stefana's net worth is not currently known, but could well be earning big bucks from her personal training business, Defining Fitness.

TikTok stars can earn major money from their posts and Stefana offered a $1,000 dollar giveaway to fans that subscribed to her YouTube channel on her 23rd birthday in December 2021.

Influencer Marketing Hub estimates that due to her following, Stefana can earn approximately £1,000 to £1,500 per post.

She told her old university all about her use of TikTok: "I wanted to find an outlet where I could share the workouts that make me feel good and strong.

"As my platforms began to grow, I would get DMs from young girls asking me how they can lose weight, which made me feel bad that they have to grow up seeing perfectly posed and edited bodies on social media all the time.

"I started posting body positive content so that the women who follow me could see that you can work out every day and still have tummy rolls."

The fitness guru has a community programme for January that people can join for the equivalent of £7.36, while her podcast TREADtalks is on Spotify.

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