Just after being photographed with Kanye West, the Puerto Rican singer Audri Nix has dropped a sleek, bilingual R&B track called “Miami Beach,” which directly references her meet up with the rapper. “I got caught by the paparazzi/We’re breaking the internet,” she sings over a gloomy beat that’s dotted with the sound of clicking cameras. “Who is that bitch on the balcony with Kanye West?”

“Miami Beach” fits into the style Audri has honing since getting her start in Puerto Rico’s underground in the late-2010s. Over the last few years, she’s continued experimenting with minimalist strains of moody, sad-girl R&B, trap, and trip-hop. Her most recent EP, Trap Pop, came out in July of 2021 and played with slightly more upbeat touches of dembow and neo-soul. 

She flexes her way through “Miami Beach,” declaring in the first verse, “This is the golden girl directly from the Caribbean/I’m on all the blogs, I know that you saw me everywhere.” Audri and West were first spotted lounging in a hotel on New Year’s Day; three days later, paparazzi took shots of them together outside a gated property in Miami. West has also been linked to the actress Julia Fox.

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