Actress Gemma Chan wowed fans at the UK premiere of Marvel’s Eternals last night in stunning sheer outfit, complete with thigh-high boots.

Gemma, who used to date Jack Whitehall, walked the blue carpet for the film in a black and silver, long-sleeved, hooded top and sheer flowing skirt, which were adorned with sparkling silver crystals.

The outfit revealed thigh-high boots, which complemented the dazzling look, along with a crystal necklace and belt that cinched the outfit at the waist, completed with a sparkling letter C belt buckle.

Gemma looked incredible as she met fans at the event, which was held at London’s BFI IMAX cinema last night.

The star plays Sersi in the highly awaited next instalment in the Marvel Universe, and her outfit certainly created a sense of an all-powerful being as she captured the attention of fans at the event.

She joined other stars of the movie at the premiere, including Angelina Jolie who plays warrior goddess Thena, Kumail Nanjiani, Game of Throne's Kit Harrington, and Richard Madden, who plays Eternal Ikaris.

Other incredible Gala looks included Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous high fashion outfit that included a tailored black jacket, wide leg trousers and blouse, complete with stunning barely there make-up.

Richard Madden looked dapper in his deep blue tailored suit, while Salma Hayek was dressed in a beautiful red sequin dress.

Together they enchanted fans, who were eagerly waiting by the blue carpet for a glimpse of the all-star cast.

Many of the fans were dressed as the Eternals characters, who are sure set to become fan favourites as Marvel enters its next phase.

Eternals follows a group of immortal beings, each with their own special superhero abilities. who have protected humanity for thousands of years from villains known as the deviants.

However, when the deviants return and revelations are revealed, the Eternal’s worlds change forever.

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