Chanel West Coast may be famous for putting up with a fair share of digs and snark on “Ridiculousness,” however, she’s also someone who doesn’t put up with any BS when it comes to her personal life. For instance, West Coast showed didn’t shy away from Instagram trolls after one hater had something to say about her interview at the Rolling Loud Festival in 2019, according to InTouch. “Damn this chick has zero class and even less cash smh hahahah,” someone commented (she’s doing totally fine for herself when it comes to money, in case you were wondering). When the star’s fans contradicted the negative comment with their own clap-backs, she swept in to respond with emojis that showed her appreciation.

Of course, there was also the time that someone decided to criticize the celebrity for posting “thirsty” photos, per The Blast. As in, she was actually posing with a bottle of water and someone had a problem with the brand that she was sipping. She, as you might expect, was sure to address and shut down that issue, too.

West Coast was just as unwilling to sit back when she thought that her boyfriend might be cheating. And thanks to some seriously savvy detective-like work, she found some unusual proof that he had supposedly been unfaithful. Read on for more.

She used Instagram to prove her boyfriend was a cheater

Finding out that your significant other is cheating is surely never pleasant. However, when Chanel West Coast found out that her boyfriend was straying, she may have felt proud of the impressive way that she tracked down the truth. “I went on tour … and he [was] still back at home,” Chanel recalled while sitting down for a talk with “Angela Yee’s Lip Service” in October 2020. When asked how she discovered that he was cheating, she first noted, “I’m just a detective. I have the best intuition.”

From there, the star said that she “started to … sense some sh**” when he began to “[act] mad different,” and while there’s apparently “a long story” behind what fully went down, she revealed that she used social media to back up her belief about what was going on. “Do you remember how on Instagram, they had a photo map and you could tag where you were? So basically the girl [that her boyfriend was cheating with] … posted two pictures from his f*****g house.”

Although Chanel didn’t specifically name which former boyfriend she was talking about, she did later say he was producing her music while she was working with French Montana. If we take a peek at Genius, we’ll see that their collaboration, “Been On,” was produced by Rich Skillz. That’s also who she was spotted with on New Year’s Eve in 2013 … perhaps during happier times?

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