Ice Cube has joined the growing list of celebrities who are losing money due to their refusal to follow coronavirus vaccine protocols. The rapper-turned-actor is reportedly losing out on a big payday after he declined to get the vaccine for a film he signed on for. This is the second project Cube has dropped out of this year. 

Ice Cube reportedly refused to be vaccinated for a role in a new comedy film

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the former N.W.A. member is no longer starring in Sony Picture’s highly anticipated comedy film, Oh Hell No. Cube was set to star alongside actor Jack Black. He reportedly declined the film’s producer’s request to get vaccinated for filming. 

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Sony, nor the film’s producers Matt Tolmach and Black, have commented on the matter. In an announcement this summer, Cube and Black were thrilled to partner on the film. Cube was reportedly set to earn $9 million for the role. 

Production on Oh Hell No is now postponed. Black has also had setbacks, having injured himself while filming another project. His name however remains attached to the film. 

The rapper also skipped out on another role this year

In February 2020 it was reported that Cube would star in Flint Strong, a biographical sports film directed by Rachel Morrison. It marks Morrison’s directorial debut. The film is based on the documentary chronicling the story of Claressa ‘T-Rex’ Shields, a boxer from Flint, Michigan. Shields trained to become the first woman in history to win an Olympic gold medal.

The film also stars Ryan Destiny and Judy Greer. Moonlight director Barry Jenkins penned the screenplay.

It’s unclear if Cube’s exit from the project is also related to his decision to not get the vaccine. Cube was set to play Shields’ coach, Jason Crutchfield. Destiny is starring as Shields. 

Mixed messages about stance on the pandemic

Cube has been a major proponent of mask-wearing throughout the pandemic. Bacone College in Oklahoma publically thanked Cube and other notable faces for donating 2,000 face masks to use for protection against the virus. 

At the height of the pandemic in 2020 amid quarantine restrictions, Cube unveiled the “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” branded T-shirts. The shirt featured him in a mask. Proceeds from the shirts were divided amongst frontline health care workers. Cube partnered with Black Out on the project.

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Still, there has been mixed messaging from the rapper. Per The Daily Beast, some of his Cube’s views are unclear. In June 2020, he tweeted that doctors should “stop lying about the Coronavirus,” saying the world needs “the absolute TRUTH.” Cube also tweeted a photo of the “CUE” for the virus. The photo featured a mocked-up album cover of someone getting a substance implanted through a needle with “Lethal Injection” written over the photo. Many assumed the “lethal injection” reference was about the vaccine. 

He has yet to make any comments about dropping out of the film projects. Cube also has been mum about the vaccine. 

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