Incredible moment Bond Girl Tanya Robert’s partner learns she’s alive on live TV

Tanya Robert's partner made for a bombshell TV moment today when he discovered his wife is still alive while on live TV.

The incredible moment shocked Lance O'Brien and viewers at home as on Sunday it was reported that the former Bond Girl had been rushed to a Los Angeles hospital.

The star, 65, who starred in the James Bond film A View to a Kill with Roger Moore in 1985, was reportedly rushed to hospital on Christmas Eve after she collapsed at home.

What made the call today more is the fact Tanya's publicist Mike Pingel released a statement on Sunday confirming her death.

However, Lance was left absolutely baffled and burst into tears during his live interview on video with Inside Edition today after he got a call from doctors.

He received the call during the interview and answered it.

Not coming off camera, he could be seen looking gobsmacked as he took in the news.

Lance said: "Now, you are telling me she's alive?"

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Updating his interviewer, he said: "The hospital is telling me she is alive. They are calling me from the ICU team."

Lance has insisted his partner of nearly two decades does not have Covid-19 and fell ill over the festive period.

He said she has an unspecified illness which medics told him began with a urinary tract infection.

Tanya's partner also appeared to hint that she had died on Sunday when he spoke to The Sun yesterday.

A spokesperson for Cedars Sinai said: "Due to patient confidentiality we cannot confirm or deny that anyone is a patient at Cedars Sinai."

Lance has said he 'doesn't know' who to blame for mistaking his wife's death.

He said: "If I point the finger, there’ll be three pointing back.

"I don’t know who to blame. I blame this pandemic for a lot of it."

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