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Chloe Sims celebrates her 40th birthday on November 2 and Daily Star are here to help her celebrate in style by remembering her iconic career highlights.

Many avid TOWIE fans will recall Chloe's first ever appearance on the ITV programme – but for those who missed it we were treated to a reminder last year when the programme celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

ITVBe screened a special throwback episode that showcased the 2011 moment when Chloe waltzed in to Amy Child's salon.

It was at that very moment Chloe confessed to having a career as Playboy bunny, explaining she had worked in France and not in the late Hugh Hefner's lavish Los Angeles mansion.

As you can imagine the bombshell announcement caused quite a few shockwaves at the time.

Here, Daily Star takes a deep dive into Chloe Sims' former career as a sexy Playboy bunny.

TOWIE star

The stunning TV star once revealed how life had been very different before becoming a member of the TOWIE family.

According to Chloe, if it hadn't been for a very pushy friend putting the call in to ITV producers she may have never appeared on screens in the first place.

Speaking on TOWIE: The Story Of…, she explained: "My friend at the time told me they were going to make a show, like The Hills but in Essex, and she was like 'you've got to go for it' and I was like no way, I can't do that, at that point I was scared about things like that.

"She told me I was going to do it and ring up the producers, she had the number for them, I was like 'no I can’t call up the producers,' and I remember we had a row in the kitchen and she just dialled the number and gave me the phone.

"So I had my meeting with them and it went well, I’d had a few glasses of wine so I was drunk and a bit loose lipped and they said 'right, can you send us a weekly blog of what you get up to, any dates, anything funny, anything goes wrong, just send it to us.'"

Bunny fun in France

With plans progressing behind the scenes for Chloe's role on the ITV programme, she signed up for a job as a Playboy Bunny which involved travelling to France every weekend.

As it had taken a while before TOWIE producers had reached out to Chloe, the opportunity had almost passed her.

On the same episode of TOWIE: The Story Of, Chloe said: "I'd kind of forgotten about that and was loving my life as a Playboy Bunny.

"I was rocking on in like Cannes and St Tropez, places I couldn't afford to be! It was amazing.

"I was in Luton Airport, and all of the magazines were full of TOWIE, and I thought 'f***, what have I done?'

"Then one day I got a phone call and they said that TOWIE was trying to get hold of me, and asked if they could forward on my number.

"I said yeah and was hoping that maybe they wanted to bring me on, and it was, they were contacting everyone that didn’t take the part in the first series and asked me if I was interested. I said 'Hell yes!'"

Lying claims

After the reality beauty had stormed onto the programme – and announced to everyone watching that she had been a Playboy Bunny – claims started to flood the internet to suggest it wasn't true.

Reports dating back to 2011 implied that Chloe was not affiliated with Hugh Hefner in any way.

A spokeswoman for Playboy told Digital Spy: "Chloe who? She has no Playboy affiliation.

"We have no record of her ever posing for the magazine or website, including our international editions, or of her ever working as a Playboy Bunny."

Hitting back, Chloe took to Twitter to get her side of the story across.

She said: "Your journo at the time contacted Playboy USA knowing full well I worked for the French franchise."

Chloe has since shot down rumours, sharing lots of photographic evidence to back up her claims.

Memory lane

Viewers were reminded of Chloe's previous employment during last year's 10-year anniversary celebrations of the reality programme.

Taking fans back in time, to Chloe's first ever appearance, she swaggered in to Amy Child's salon with long brunette locks and oversized sunglasses.

"Tell me a bit about you," asked the vajazzle queen Amy.

"I've been travelling for like the past year with Playboy France, like a Playboy bunny," responded Chloe.

Flipping back to the present time, Chloe came into view looking different while sipping champagne with her family.

She gasped: "How mad is it that I hung my bunny ears up 10 years ago and stayed in Essex?"

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