Born on July 21, 1975 to parents of West Indian heritage, actor Chris Bisson has lived a rather colourful life on screen and has appeared in number of well known British soaps and TV shows.

Chris first starred in Children's Ward in 1990 playing the role of J.J.

Following on from this, the actor's career continued to flourish and he went on to appear in BBC's Prime Suspect, Holby City and as and on ITV's Coronation Street.

Chris also played Saleem Khan in the 1999 blockbuster East is East and let us not forget his role in Shameless.

Momentarily, Chris is known to fans for his role as Jai Sharma in Emmerdale, a role he has played since 2009, but for those who are familiar with his life on screen, many are unaware of how he lives away from the camera.

Chris' partner Rowena Finn

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Chris and his long term partner Rowena Finn first met by chance while on holiday in Marbella.

The couple hit it off instantly and made their relationship official in 2006.

Speaking about her romance enthusiastically to OK! magazine back in 2011, Rowena said: "I knew I liked him when he asked me to put sunscreen on his back and I got really nervous!"

The couple have been together for the last 15 years and are now engaged.

During an interview, Rowena previously hinted that she would love to tie the knot one day.

Chris also agreed that although both of them live relatively busy lives, he is ready to get married too.

Kissing scenes

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During their Ok! interview in 2011, Chris made reference to his steamy on screen appearances and said his partner Rowena previously had trouble with his more intimate scenes.

Since being a much loved member of the Emmerdale cast, Chris' character Jai Sharma has been married to Charity Tate and Megan Macey and at the moment Jai is partnered with Laurel Thomas.

But although his relationship has flourished on set, the actor tries to keep his kissing scenes private when the cameras stop rolling.

Talking about this in more detail, Chris said: "In the past, I’ve told her when I’ve had kissing scenes, but that would stay with her for the rest of the day, so now I tend not to say unless asked.

"Those scenes are difficult for me to shoot and for Rowena to watch."


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Chirs and Rowena share two children together, son Harry and daughter Ella Rose.

In 2013, when Harry was born, the couple introduced their son to world by doing an exclusive photoshoot with Hello!

At the time Chris expressed his adoration for becoming a father and described having a child as a "wonderful" thing.

Two years later, the couple welcomed their second child Ella.

Rowena admitted at the time that her second birth wasn't exactly smooth sailing as she almost delivered her baby in the car.

The mother-of-two also mentioned that her daughter was born seven minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Hair transplant

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Last year, father-of-two Chris hit headlines when he revealed that he had a follicular unit transplantation also known as a hair transplant.

The Shameless star admitted that the driving force behind getting his hair done was his career.

Talking to Manchester Evening News, the Emmerdale resident said: "As soon as you start losing your hair you’re immediately cast older, so it does reduce the amount of parts you can play.

"If you are 40 and bald you probably get cast as being 45 or 50. It can affect your career.

"There are definitely more parts for actors who have a full head of hair. You don't know what opportunities might be lost."

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