Inside haunted museum which has possessed doll and Michael Jackson’s death chair

There is a Haunted Museum in Las Vegas that is owned by a celebrity and filled with all manner of horrors.

Zak Bagans is an American paranormal investigator, actor and TV personality who owns the Las Vegas based museum.

With a huge interest and passion in the paranormal, he hosts the television programme Ghost Adventures.

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The 11,000-square foot property built in 1938 was originally owned by prominent businessman Cyril S, and it is claimed that "hostile spirits" of family members who passed away have been "rumoured to roam the halls".

Not only this, but it is packed with paranormal artefacts and is brimming with terror.

From Michael Jackson's "Propofol chair" to a possessed doll that can inflict excruciating headaches – keep scrolling to take a look inside Zak's Haunted Museum.

Michael Jackson's 'Propofol chair'

As well as a whole host of horrors relating to the paranormal, a previous possession of The King Of Pop's resides within the walls of Zak's museum.

The cream chair that Michael Jackson sat on in his Holmby Hills mansion when Dr. Conrad Murray monitored the singer while he took Propofol was acquired by Zak.

Zak bought the chair that was in Michael's room when he overdosed on Propofol for a staggering $15k and keeps it within his museum for visitors to marvel at.

Propofol is widely used in the medical field as a sedative to help you relax or sleep before and during surgery or other procedures.

Peggy the Doll

Considered one of the most haunted object in the world, Peggy the Doll is believed to be possessed by an evil spirit and is said to trigger migraines and chest pains.

The doll resides within the realms of Zak's museum and has feature on TV many times – as well as hitting the headlines for allegedly "giving a woman a heart attack".

After an episode of Ghost Adventures aired, which was solely about Peggy, fans flocked to Facebook to discuss the paranormal things that experienced since tuning in.

One said: "The day after I saw Peggy I watched the Fruitland episode. I got a little creeped out. That night I had a 'hills have eyes' type of dream. I rarely remember dreams but this one was vivid, gory, and not something I usually dream about."

Another echoed: "Omg…so I watched this episode last night and I can not express how bad my nightmare was I woke up in a cold sweat shaking but I cant remember my dream to save my life.. just how I felt when I woke up!"

While a third added: "Did anyone else get a bad headache after looking at Peggy? Also i only glanced at her as i was afraid to look at her dead on. Weird. Her dark eyes creep me out."

The Devil's rocking chair

Zak purchased the elaborately named "Devil's Chair' from Carl Glatzel Jr – the older brother of David Glatzel who was at the centre of an alleged demon possession case detailed in the book The Devil in Connecticut.

When David was just 11 years of age, he started to act odd, which led to his parents calling in experts who diagnosed him with "demonic possession".

It is said that he had around 40 demons that were reportedly possessing him and the Devil’s Chair was reportedly in the room during these events.

TMZ reported in 2019 that the chair would "allegedly rock on its own, levitate, and even vanish and reappear", with the experts claiming to see the devil sitting in it.

After acquiring the artefact, Zak himself even tweeted about experiencing pain after sitting in the chair.

In 2019 he penned: "Weird. After sitting in the Devil’s Chair my back did 100% hurt afterwards. So much so I could not sleep because of it. It is still sore but not as bad. And I did NOT strain it or picked up anything heavy and now this is all very interesting."

The assisted suicide van

Within Zak's horror-filled museum, the white van that once belonged to assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian is on show.

The passionate paranormal fan bought the VW for $32,500.

Jack Kevorkian, the previous owner who died in 2011, used the rusty old van to carry out assisted suicides.

It is estimated that he assisted around 130 suicides, and Janet Adkins was his first public "patient" who died in the van in 1990. Janet was 54 and had early onset Alzheimer’s disease

At the time of purchasing it in 2015, Zak told TMZ that he plans to use the van for a future “paranormal project.”

Various serial killers' items

As well as all of the above, there are hundreds of other artefacts that reside within Zak's Las Vegas attraction.

From Charles Manson's ashes that have been painted in blood to Ted Bundy’s glasses that were used in an investigation into the death of Kimberley Leach who was just 12 years of age.

Ed Gein’s body part cauldron is also owned by Zak, which was used to boil various body parts by the cannibal.

The serial killer would dig up corpses and craft décor items from the skin of his victims.


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