Jeremy Clarkson was left fuming at a TikToker who turned up to his farm shop wearing a tracksuit.

The Clarkson’s Farm star appeared in a clip on the social media platform which has since gone viral – with Jezza ripping into poster Tom Wheaton with no mercy.

In the video, Tom pointed the camera at Jeremy, who was busy taking a box filled with jars of honey for the farm shop out of his car.

The social media user can be heard asking: "What’s this, Jeremy?"

Jeremy asked him: "Are you just going to put this on TikTok?" and Tom responded in the affirmative.

Snorting, Jezza replied: "Well, that’s going to cost you a lot of money."

When Jeremy spotted what Tom was wearing, however, all hell broke loose as he decided to completely take the mickey out of the camera-toting lad.

Clarkson asked him: "Why are you wearing a tracksuit? Everyone can see the outline of your penis. You look ridiculous. Go and get some woollen clothing."

Tom then panned the camera down to show what he was wearing – a pair of black hiking boots and light grey sweatpants.

Thankfully he didn’t seem to take it too hard, as he captioned the hilarious clip with: "Clarkson is a savage!"

And fans couldn’t help giggling as they flocked to the comments section, with one posting: "Roasted by Jezza, strong!"

"Got pure terrorised by Clarkson!" someone else laughed, as another commenter wrote: "LOL Clarkson turned it on him, burn!"

"You’re a good sport for posting it!" another giggled, while a fifth penned: "I would pay to have that said to me by him."

However, others were more concerned for Jezza’s privacy, as one posted: "Can’t you just leave him alone and let him do his things?"

"Do people even bother to ask him if it’s okay to film anymore?" someone else wondered, as another fan replied: "I was thinking the same thing, he can say anything to these people and they will just laugh about it."

It isn’t the only time Jeremy has had dealings with the public after opening his farm shop – earlier this year it was reported that he was pranked several times, with his car being covered in some kind of fertiliser.

The Daily Mail reported that three tonnes of "mushroom compost" had been smeared on his vehicle – but it later emerged that it was all part of a prank set up by Saturday Night Takeaway stars Ant and Dec, with Jezza falling victim to their antics.

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