Page 3 beauty Danielle Mason has wasted no time in making full use of the heatwave sweeping the country.

The blonde babe, who is the half sister of EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace, has posed for a series of jaw-dropping snaps.

Slipping her gym-honed frame into a skintight black swimsuit, the model smouldered away as she gazed seductively down the lens.

Featuring a scooped neckline, Danielle's swimsuit made sure her killer assets were centre stage.

Pushing up her chest, the starlet sported a larger-than-life cleavage.

Accentuating her long pins, Danielle vamped up her look by rocking a pair of statement heels.

Squatting down low, Danielle let her long locks fall in tight curls over her shoulder as the camera snapped away.

Keen to give fans a feast for the eyes, in one shot the vixen turned her back on the camera to flaunt her perky derrière.

A third image saw Danielle perch on her knees as she playfully tugged at the neckline of her swimsuit.

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The starlet recently opened up about growing up in a convent.

Danielle said: "My family were originally from Bethnal Green but then they moved out to Sandhurst.

"I was put in a convent when I was 12… it was run by nuns.

"It was all girls and run by nuns. It is probably why I turned out the way I did.

"I grew up their in this convent in Ascot before working doing airline stuff."

Spurred on by Jessie, Danielle is trying to pursue a career in acting.

She added on Ben Hatchett's YouTube channel that Jessie was one of the first people to help her in the industry.

She said: "I had work experience on EastEnders as my sister got it me.

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"I only worked as a runner. I was only making cups of tea and stuff.

"At the end of the week I said I wanted to be in front of the cameras not behind."

She continued: "My sister went out for dinner and we were talking about Page 3.

"Within that week I somehow met Katie Prices's agent and then I was on Page 3 with my boobs out."

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