Telly comic Jimmy Carr has finally revealed the unusual name of his two-year-old son and opened up about the inspiration for the name

The 48-year-old comedian only recently confirmed that he became a father back in 2019, after he and wife Karoline Copping, 46, welcomed their first child.

In a recent interview, the 8 Out of 10 Cats host revealed that the happy couple named their son Rockefeller – a nod to "the greatest ever comedian" Chris Rock and the American businessman John D. Rockefeller.

Jimmy joked to the Radio Times: "I'm sure I'm going to be writing a lot of material about him. In fact, I think he might be tax-deductible."

The quip is in reference Jimmy being accused of involvement in an alleged K2 tax avoidance scheme by The Times back in 2012.

It was first rumoured that the stand up comedian had become a dad last year when he was pictured pushing a pram close to his North London home in March 2020, but did not speak publicly about being a dad until a comedy performance at the O2 Academy, Brixton.

Carr joked: "I had to tell my little boy he's adopted. I mean, he isn't, but the look on his face. I said: 'No, no, no, you were adopted, the new family is picking you up tomorrow'."

Jimmy also teased: "We're having a gender-reveal party for our kid but we're going to wait until he's 21 just to be sure. With some babies you can't tell, is it a boy or an ugly girl."

The Channel 4 star also opened up about how becoming a parent may impact his comedy

"It could be a bit of a gear shift, because of the kind of comedy I do," Jimmy also told the Radio Times when discussing fatherhood

He added: “But so far, I'm still telling the same jokes, I've got the same sense of humour. We'll see.”

The star has been in a relationship with his partner Karoline for two decades, first meeting her at an audition in 2001.

He previously gushed: "I knew, it felt perfect."

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