Joey Essex’s ex Brenda says they ‘had sex every day’ during five-month romance

The Only Was Is Essex star Joey Essex's ex girlfriend Brenda Santos has dished the dirt on their relationship saying she "had sex every day" of their five-month whirlwind romance.

Brenda spoke about the fire and passion between her the 30-year-old and it would seem the chemistry was so electric that they just couldn't keep their hands off of each other.

The 21-year-old said that Joey loved her Brazilian "bum bum" and some days the intensity would be so strong between them that they would get steamy between the sheets on a number of occasions.

She described her former lover as "very generous in bed" and will always have fond memories of her romance with the TV star.

Lifting the lid on the brief romance, the model said: "We would have sex every day. Sometimes we would do it many times a day, depending on the mood.

"He was giving and generous in bed. Joey said he loved my body, especially my 'bum-bum' as you say in Brazil.

"It was intense and memorable. He's a very passionate person, like myself."

The former reality favourite hasn't really ever been known for his sparky intelligence – but it seems Brenda saw a completely different and business savvy side to Joey behind closed doors.

Brenda explained that she found the TV to actually be "very clever", insisting that he "pretends to be silly" for the sake of his career.

One of the things the bombshell liked most about him was in fact his "intelligence" and that he came across as quite "business minded".

The pair were introduced back in May via mutual friends and sparked up a relationship, not long after Joey had parted ways from Mexican model Lorena Medina.

At the time of their first encounter, Brenda is open that she "didn't have a clue who he was" but she claimed the TOWIE star actually liked this quality about her.

From the moment the pair clasped eyes on each other their physical connection was sparked and they headed back to Joey's luxurious Chigwell home in Essex.

Brenda admitted that the pair shared a romantic kiss on their first meeting, she was insistent that the passion ended there as she declined his offer to stay the night.

She added: "Joey was pleading with me to stay, but I just said I needed to go home.

"I don't think he's used to girls saying no to him."

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