Jonathan Ross' daughter Betty Ross has opened up about her experiences using a wheelchair, after her fibromyalgia made her wheelchair bound.

The 31-year-old has been open and candid about her experience of her illness, which can cause pain all over the body, muscle stiffness, fatigue and sleeping issues, brain fog, and low moods.

Speaking on Instagram, Betty shared pictures of herself enjoying time down at the seaside in Swanage with her father and mum Jane Goldman.

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After a followers asked about her whether she gets "embarrassed" when using a wheelchair, Betty opened up about how she handles her life in a chair and symptoms of her illness.

A follower asked: "Do you ever get embarrassed using your wheelchair? I don’t really go out much because i get really embarrassed and worry I will run out of battery or get stuck trying to get up a kerb. I love your photos x."

In response, Betty highlighted how she copes with fibromyalgia and some of the recent coping mechanisms she's found helpful.

She wrote: "It definitely does sometimes, but I think I'm getting better at pacing myself which helps me avoid post-exertional malaise on at least minimise it.

"I was given the great advice by the Perrin specialists I'm seeing that however much I feel like I can do in a day, don't do more than half of that. So if I feel like I think I could manage a 30 minute trip to the park I won't actually do more than a 15 minute trip out, and I just apply that to like everything.

"Playing it safe like that has really meant that I'm not getting that PEM blowback as frequently or as badly, and also that because I'm getting it less the amount I can do has increased a great deal so even though I'm still doing half of what I think I can manage, the amount I think I can manage has been increasing."

Betty concluded: "I don't always judge it right, but it's definitely helped immensely! I'm sorry you're struggling so much with your fatigue, I've got my fingers crossed for you that things improve for you soon!"


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