Honey Ross, daughter of screenwriter Jane Goldman and UK television host Jonathan Ross has stripped off with Lena Dunham to proudly show off their curves in her latest Instagram post.

Alongside the nude image, Honey gave a heartfelt description of wha Lena's work has meant to her growing up.

Honey penned: "I’ll never be able to fully express how much this woman shaped my relationship with myself, but I’m going to do my best to try.

"My mum bought me the DVD of Tiny Furniture when I was a very self loathing chubby teen, and I saw Lena’s beautiful face on the cover, and I felt hope.

"A new hope that I’d never felt before. I watched the film and was so moved by its rawness, by the way it approached sex, friendship and figuring out that liminal space before you’ve got your s*** together.”

Tiny Furniture, a 2010 indie film written, directed and starring Lena Dunham received a lot of high praise from film critics and gained positive press when it was added to the highly respected Criterion Collection just two years after release.

Lena went on to create the hit show Girls, that Honey says made a huge impact on her life too.

She continued: "When Girls came out a couple of years later, I gained a new confidence in my walk. Lena was the main character, and maybe I could be too.

"I saw myself as a viable love interest for the first time. I saw myself capable of a life beyond being just a ‘before’ photo.”

Girls ran for seven season, winning multiple awards throughout the run and being praised for the portrayal of women and feminism although the show did also receive some criticism for a lack of racial diversity within the main cast.

Honey’s post came with an interview with Lena herself on Honey’s podcast The Body Protest that she hosts alongside Nadia Craddock, a body image researcher.

The shows’ goal is to tackle a number of different societal problems going on today including race, toxic masculinity, eating disorders and most important self-love.

You can listen to The Body Protest on Apple Podcasts

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