Justin Bieber Takes the Ring in This 'Rocky'-Inspired Music Video

Justin Bieber has wasted no time so far in 2021. His first single of the year, “Anyone,” dropped New Year’s Day alongside a boxing-inspired music video. The video follows an uncharacteristically tattooless Bieber as he trains in his backyard and takes ring in several Rocky-esque sequences while actress Zoey Deutch stars as the artist’s love interest.

“I can’t think of a better way to close out 2020 and kick off 2021 than celebrating with my fans all over the world and sharing this new music with them,” Bieber said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “Music has gotten us all through so much this year, and for me personally it’s been healing and transformative. ‘Anyone’ is such a special, hopeful, anthemic song. It sets the tone for a brighter new year full of hope and possibility.”

Bieber performed the song at his New Year’s Eve livestream event — his first full concert since 2017. But even without shows on his docket, Bieber has dropped a steady stream of new tracks, projects and visuals over the past few years. In 2020 alone, the artist’s album Changes received three Grammy nominations while a teaser for his infamous Crocs collaborationcaused a stock surge for the company of up to 11 percent. A knockout year, indeed.

Bad Bunny, a fellow Crocs collaborator of Bieber’s, has kicked off 2021 with a similar bang. The artist recently dropped his own music video for “Booker T,” an homage to the pro wrestler of the same name.
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