Kasabian prowl majestically at Ally Pally

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Launching into the infectious Rocket Fuel from new album The Alchemist’s Euphoria Serge prowls the stage in his oversized leopard print coat. Sure fire favourites Club Foot and III Ray follow leaving the crowd breathless and prompting the singer to declare “That’s how you start a gig”.

Tonight’s crowd needed no encouragement to let loose, chanting along and at times turning the venue into a giant beer soaked mosh pit, throwing clothes and cups through the air with wild abandon.

This was the bands first London headline show since the loss of previous frontman Tom Meighan and all eyes are now on Serge, a position he clearly relishes. A charismatic frontman he really connects with the crowd, picking out people in the audience and encouraging them to climb into shoulders so he can see their faces.

A particular highlight was the tongue in cheek You’re in love with a Psycho, where at least 100 people had climbed onto their friends shoulders. The dancing escalated when the song merged with Daft Punk’s anthemic One More Time with Serge unable to resist climbing into the crowd “Getting this place jumping and bopping”.

There was a short turn of pace when the band played their first top 10 single Cutt off, with them playing acoustic sitting at a replica bus stop that hastily appeared on stage, to reference their humble beginnings in Leicester.

An encore brought the pace back up to fever pitch, with closer Fire really setting the place alight, everyone jumping and singing along, with a football stadium atmosphere and the crowd giving it all – as Serge urged them along joking “What are we going to do on Sunday? F*ck all.”

Serge sat on the edge of the stage in a poignant moment, visibly emotionally overwhelmed by the occasion, as he promised they will be back in a powerful send off.

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