Kelly Brook admits shes in mischievous mood as she strikes unusual bra deal

Kelly Brook spiced up the airwaves when she gave her Heart co-host JK permission to look at her breasts each day as a way of checking she changes her bra.

The pair struck the unusual deal after bantering about how often women change their lingerie during a chat about underwear habits.

Model Kelly, 43, said that while she changed her knickers every day she would happily wear a bra for "a couple of days on the trot".

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But JK – whose real name is Jason King – revealed he had a theory that women fibbed a bit about that, saying that they actually wore bras for at least two weeks before changing.

So Kelly suggested: "OK, next week, have a look at me and you'll see they're a different shape and that's how you know that I'm wearing a different bra every day.

"So you have permission and that will clear that straight up."

Giggling, the brunette went on: "Actually, I think he's just said that to challenge me so I ask him to do that, I know what you're doing, this is reverse psychology."

"Everyday I'm going to come in here and go, 'See Jay, I’ve got a new bra on, they're much more pointier today'," she quipped.

The star, who tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Jeremy Parisi last year, admitted the show's producer was a bit red-faced because of the steamy subject.

"He's actually beetroot, he's doing everything possible not to look at my boobs," she laughed.

"They're saying, 'Wrap it up.'

"They are wrapped up."

"I'm feeling in a very mischievous mood today!" Kelly confessed.

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