Kourtney Kardashian says family bullied her into freezing eggs for Travis baby

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Kourtney Kardashian has opened up on the Kardashian Hulu show about trying for a baby with her partner and how the family encouraged her to freeze her eggs.

Kourtney revealed that she has been trying for a baby with her fiancé, musician Travis Barker, on the Hulu show The Kardashians.

While fans are just learning that the Poosh founder and mum of three wanted to have another child, it seems the couple have been trying for a baby for a while.

Kourtney, 42, opened up about her decision to freeze her eggs in an interview last year and documented the journey for their E! reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Over a year ago, Kourtney appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show with her sister Khloe Kardashian and talked about the process. She said: “I really got talked into it. I was like, 'OK, whatever, I'll do it one time since everyone else is doing it. I might as well.'"

On the show, Khloe later joked that convincing Kourtney wasn't "easy", saying that family and friends "bullied" her into it.

Kourtney explained why she was unsure about freezing her eggs saying: "I'm someone who's like, 'What's God's plan? Am I supposed to get pregnant on my own at 41?'

"Maybe that's God's plan. I'm more like that. That's I think why I never did the planning. I live in a Disney world."

It seems that she had a change of heart about the process since then, saying that it was like “a deep breath”.

She continued: "I was 39 and was about to turn 40 and just felt like people were saying, 'If you're gonna do it, you've gotta do it now.' [I was like], 'OK, everyone stop rushing me. I don't know if I even want to have another kid or if that's, like, in the future or whatever.”

"I think doing that … and having the control of my body just gave me a peace of mind."

She recently hinted, however, that attempts at having a baby have been unsuccessful in a new video.

Kourtney opened up to Kris Jenner, about her hopes of becoming pregnant through IVF, but said it hasn't been going well.

The star confessed in a new clip from the upcoming Hulu series. “Travis and I want to have a baby, and so my doctor took us down this road of doing IVF,”

Viewers also got a glimpse of Travis' proposal as Kourtney revealed she wants more kids.

She said in a voiceover: "Travis and I want to have a baby."

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