Lauren Goodger slams Covid vaccine and masks as she likens virus to ‘a cold’

Lauren Goodger has let rip at the groundbreaking Covid vaccine, which will hopefully help bring the coronavirus under control in the UK.

On the day that Prime Minster told the nation over a million people now have the deadly virus and the death count is over 75,000, the TOWIE original declared she "doesn't agree with masks" and won't be taking the vaccine if it was offered to her.

Lauren, who is currently dating Katie Price's ex Charles Drury, says she is "terrified" of the vaccine – adding she believes she has already had and beaten Covid and that she "didn't die" as she likened it to a "cold".

Currently the death count in the United Kingdom from people who have died within 28 days of a positive Covid test is over 75,000.

Lauren said: "I am more scared of the vaccine than I am of the virus. I will start imagining that I am dying.

"I am terrified. I don't like taking medicine. I don't like taking antibiotics.

"OK, I do do aesthetics and even now I am still nervous of that – I am like that in general.

"Even with a facial I want to know what is in it. That is my anxiety over the years."

Explaining why she doesn't want the vaccine despite it being endorsed by scientists and medical professionals, Lauren continued: "I just feel that it hasn't been around long enough and we don't know enough about it.

"I think I have had Covid and if I was to get ill I would treat it how I would treat it.

"I didn't die from it. It is like getting it a cold. I wouldn't get the flu jab either.

"I don't want to inject myself with something I don't know the longterm effects.

"I have heard all the different things that are in it and I think I have had Covid already and I have coped with it."

Despite her long rant about the vaccine, Lauren was keen to stress she wasn't telling her followers what to do.

The reality TV babe continued: "I am not going to say you should not have it. Each to their own. Good luck. That is my personal opinion though.

"At the end of the day I am not going to talk about it as I know what I know.

"You can catch a cold, you can catch anything."

However, not stopping there, Lauren went on to slam the use of masks to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Mask wearing is now compulsory on all public transport as well as in most shops, unless an individual is exempt on medical grounds.

Lauren added in the newly-deleted Instagram live session on Tuesday evening with her pal Vicky: "I don't believe in masks – I am not going to get into the subject.

"When I have a mask on and I walk I can't wear one as I get into a panic.

"I do have an exempt card but I don't use it as it is a bit muggy."

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