Lauren Goodger ‘thought she was going to die’ after baby hadn’t moved for hours

Lauren Goodger has revealed that she 'thought she was going to die' when she'd feared that her baby hadn't moved for hours.

The 34-year-old former The Only Way Is Essex star was raced to hospital after her worries escalated and causing her to have a panic attack that lasted three days.

At the time, Lauren felt as though she was going to suffer a heart attack as a result of her anxiety spiralling out of control.

It is a naturally worrying time for the mum-to-be, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury, 23, that was made even worse when her baby hadn't moved.

In an interview with The Sun, the reality star said: "Doctors and my close friends who suffer severe panic disorder are always the first to tell you panic attacks make your body feel like it's having a heart attack due to the massive rush of adrenaline trying to escape your body any way it can.

"You get chest pains, palpitations and even shooting pains in your arm.”

Explaining the ordeal, Lauren who has experienced anxiety attacks in the past said she began "acting crazy" and "felt too hot" as the fear took over.

The TV star is approaching the 25 week marker into her pregnancy, with the pair announcing that they will be having a baby girl.

But while it is a joyous occasion, the pregnancy hasn't been a walk in the park for Lauren, who's fears were kicked into overdrive after her baby hadn't moved for hours.

After believing that "something was right", Lauren was whisked off to an emergency pregnancy unit at her local hospital.

Lauren was placed on a monitor and luckily the heartbeat of her unborn child was picked up and everything seemed to be normal but the good news hadn't stopped the panic from setting in.

The starlet added: "My midwife said that she’d be worried if my heart wasn’t racing because it’s got to pump the blood.

"Now I’ve turned it into a good thing and know I'm not going to die. My fear was that I was going to have a heart attack."

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