Oasis's Bonehead at Teenage Cancer Trust concert in March

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Oasis may long be dead, but the band’s former frontman Liam Gallagher has told his fans that he will continue to play their songs no matter what. He recently hit out on his social media account after receiving some criticisms about his recent set in Mexico.

Gallagher is currently on tour in South America and on November 19, 2022, played at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, in Mexico City.

During his set, he played 16 songs with his band. Out of these tracks, 10 of them were Oasis songs.

Not only did he play such massive hits as Wonderwall and Morning Glory, but he also pulled out such hidden gems as Stand By Me and Roll It Over.

Now, he has hit out on Twitter to those who don’t agree with his choices. He aggressively wrote: “People bang on about me playing to many oasis tunes can kiss my a**e.” (sic)

Gallagher then pointed out how happy these songs make his fans.

He continued: “Seeing those kids faces when I drop them tunes is biblical oasis will never die LG x.” (sic)

The 50-year-old rocker then followed up with a string of further tweets to really hammer home his point. And they weren’t the softest of comments.

“Anyone who got a problem with me singing oasis tunes ain’t real oasis fans,” he said. “There just massive C**TZ.” (sic)

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Gallagher furiously added in a further tweet: “Oasis till I die.”

The calls for Oasis to reform have been thick and fast since they split up back in 2009. The end of Oasis followed a dispute over the cancellation of their headline slot at Chelmsford’s V Festival on August 23, 2009.

Noel Gallagher, Liam’s brother and fellow Oasis founder, claimed Liam cancelled the event because he was “hungover”.

Liam demanded an apology and began a lawsuit against his brother. He later said: “The truth is I had laryngitis, which Noel was made fully aware of that morning, diagnosed by a doctor.”

Liam and Noel have talked about getting back together in the past, but have publicly berated one another over the option.

Most recently, Noel was asked if he would consider burying the hatchet with his brother to reform Oasis. He replied: “Er, would you go on holiday with your ex-missus?”

He added: “As funny as this sounds. Oasis sell as many records now per year as we did when we were together. We’re as popular now in the eyes of the people as we ever were. And I’m happy with it.”

Noel then addressed the relationship with his brother, Liam. He pointed out that they were both doing very well playing in separate bands.

He said: “If we got back together there would be a circus – and there’s no point. Just leave it as it is. I’m happy. He’s [Liam Gallagher] doing his thing. He’s still selling out Knebworth. It’s like, mate, good luck to you, do you know what I mean?”

In other news, it seems like Britpop is back on the menu considering earlier this month Oasis’ chart rivals, Blur, announced a comeback show. The Damon Albarn-fronted group will be headlining Wembley Stadium in summer 2023.

You can get tickets here.

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