Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards says Jamal has been sending messages from the grave

Brenda Edwards is convinced her late son Jamal is contacting her from beyond the grave.

The Loose Women star, 54, keeps seeing signs she thinks are from him, which first happened at his funeral in April last year with a cloud formation.

Brenda said: “Jamal’s colour is blue. When we were laying him to rest, I looked up at the sky and there were no clouds in the sky at all. It was beautiful crystal-clear blue.

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“The only cloud that was in the sky was doing a ‘J’. That was it, nothing else. And where the ‘J’ was, it was directly above where we laid him to rest. And it didn’t move for that whole time.”

Brenda has also been speculating Jamal, who died from a heart attack at just 31, could have been reincarnated as a fox.

She said: “This fox with dopey eyes sat like it’s a dog waiting to be petted and I'm like, ‘Why is this fox here? What’s going on?’

“And then I started talking to it. I went and got it some food because that’s what you do. I went to work and came back and the fox comes again. This is seven hours later.

“I’m there talking to it like some mad woman. Anybody who would look at me would think I’m crazy.

“And then I put the first video up on my social media and said, ‘This fox has been chasing me. I don’t know what’s going on but I'm scared’ and everybody was like, ‘This is Jamal, this is Jamal, you know this is Jamal’.

“And then I start talking to the fox the second time and I said, ‘People have been saying this is you, is this you Jamal?’

“And it looked up and walked as I said his name. And for me that’s like, ‘OK mummy knows I'm here and she’s acknowledged me.’”

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