Christine Lampard has discussed her fears regarding coronavirus and confessed she was too scared to go outdoors while pregnant with her son Freddie.

The 42-year-old welcomed her second child who she shares with former England footballer and husband Frank Lampard during the second wave of coronavirus five months ago.

But as she spoke to Dr Amir Khan on ITV's Lorraine about the latest announcement regarding the vaccine doses for pregnant women, Christine gave her personal feedback.

Amir said: "Any information we can get about the safety of these vaccines in pregnancy is important and will go on to save lives in the future."

Christine responded openly: "It wasn't being offered when I was pregnant and funnily enough I ended up just staying in the house an awful lot of the time because I was so scared of being out and about and catching it, not knowing what the consequences were."

She added: "So it is an interesting trial for all those pregnant women out there who are scared about what the future's going to hold over the next nine months."

The new clinical trial aims to explore the best gap between vaccine doses for pregnant women. Scientist hope this will help reassure expectant mothers about the safety of the covid jabs.

Last week, Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, chief midwifery officer for England, urged mothers-to-be to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

This is due to the fact that evidence now suggests that the Delta variant poses a significantly higher risk to pregnant women than previous forms of the virus.

In a recent interview, Christine who is currently standing in for Lorraine on her ITV daytime show discussed her surprise baby Freddie and how she had to adjust to having a boy.

As well as her son Freddie, the TV personality is also mum to her daughter Patricia who is currently two-years-old.

Her husband Frank also has two daughters from his previous relationship.

Talking to The Mirror, Christine said: "It's brilliant. He's a very happy little being, so far, thankfully. Freddie settled beautifully into our life. He's very easy going and just sits there and stares and smiles a lot. Really, that's it. He's just brilliant.

"So we feel very, very blessed with him, I have to say. I don't take any of it for granted."

In June, mother-of-two Christine expressed her happiness on Lorraine due to the fact that footballer Frank was able to attend the birth of their son amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking openly of her joy on the show, the happy mum said: "Frank was able to be there but we were very lucky, there were so many women in the early stages who didn't have that chance, just dreadful.

"He wasn't able to go to the appointments leading up but he was there for the big day."

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