Louis Tomlinson has revealed which body part he finds the least sexy on himself.

The former One Direction member was a guest on the Zach Sang Show, where he revealed he had a penguin tattooed on his bum.

He told the host: "I’ve got between 30 or 40 little tattoos, I don’t regret one of them, EXCEPT, for that penguin on my ass.

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"It’s the least sexy thing in the world. Whenever comes a time that I do actually take my f*cking trousers off, it’s not f*cking sexy, that shit man."

Zach asked Louis if he warns people of the tattoo, he replied: "Like warning label, yeah I probably should! No I don’t actually, I don’t."

The singer went on to explain why he'd got the tattoo in the first place – that it was down to losing a bet.

He said: "It was one of those things, man it felt funny at the time. I think I lost a bet, and I was like 'Oh yeah, I’ll do it'.

"I could’ve obviously got out of it, but it’s really weird as well. Like, a penguin and he’s got like headphones on, I don’t know why! A penguin, with headphones on, on my asscheek."

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Louis went on to joke that the headphones would "muffle out the sound of farting".

During the interview, he also spoke about Liam Payne's notorious interview with Logan Paul earlier in the year, blaming the host for "pushing Liam's buttons".

Louis said: "He (Logan Paul) knew exactly what he was doing, the buttons he was pressing.

"That's what I took away from it, whoever's involved in that show, that annoying Paul brother himself, whoever the other weird guys were. It just felt disrespectful, that's all I'll say."


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