Love Island babe AJ Bunker says the show needs to "revise" the age range of contestants, as she struggled to find love with the younger lads while in the villa.

The blonde bombshell who made her mark on this year's series didn't feel she was given a fair chance of finding romance due to the boys being so much younger than herself and the villa being filled with islanders in their early twenties.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, AJ spoke candidly about her experience on the popular dating programme and says she was "trolled" for being a "granny age" from viewers.

The star explained: "For me I was getting trolled at for being a granny age, that's the one thing I didn't get when I went in- obviously being 28 and the boys being 21 and 22. Only Teddy was over the age of 26 so they were all so young.

"Also in my head I think, is a 21-year-old looking for something long term? Because when I was 21, I didn't even, you know."

She added: "So yeah, I think they definitely need to revise that because especially when you know you're putting older women in there, women who are of a certain age."

AJ then went on to list the this year's Love Island ladies who were in their mid-late twenties.

The star continued: "You know Rachel was 29! So if you're going to put in girls of that age, you've got to have guys that match that," she explained.

AJ also went on to say that she found the concept of people leaving the villa in a short space of time rather "weird", as it never gave viewers a chance to really see the islanders for who they were.

She said: "This year in general was just weird. Even with the 24-hour dumping thing that's something they've never done before.

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"Or with newcomers. If someone is new- we've done three and half week holding period, three weeks at least – you're dumping them after 24 hours!

"If anything give the newcomers at least a week, so the public can get to know them."

AJ also went on to say that she predicted that her time in the villa would have been short-lived as the original islanders would have most likely saved their "friends".

Originally AJ coupled up with Hugo Hammond while on the show, but the bombshell confessed that she later regretted giving the PE teacher so much attention as he failed to show an interest in her.

Since leaving the show, AJ has been booked and busy with events and will be hopefully starting her very own YouTube soon relatively soon.

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