Alexandra Cane has posed completely naked on Instagram to embrace feeling 'free'.

The Love Island star, 27, took to the social media site on Thursday to share the stunning black-and-white nude image and celebrate the removal of her nipple piercings.

The flattering snap, which was taken a few years ago, saw the trained make-up artist lounging upside down on a sun lounger and arching her back while covering her face with both hands.

While captioning the post, Alexandra explained that the removal of her nipple piercings had emotional significance and alluded to her heart being previously broken.

She also vowed to "live unapologetically", admitting that she would have felt "embarrassed and ashamed" to post the photo when it was taken.

Alexandra wrote: "Yesterday I removed my nipple piercings and wow it’s been so freeing.

"The more I've been healing and working through blocks to open my heart, this was the next step for me. An actual, physical barrier between receiving love through my heart."

She later added: "Having my nipple piercings came from a place of having pain in that area being confused for pleasure.

"Stabbing pains in my chest was the norm so I added to it by getting needles put through two of my pleasure centres.

"I even remember when being intimate with a lover, I used to ask them to avoid my breast area in fear of being hurt so they mustn’t get too close/too deep.

"What a metaphor. My heart was literally broken enough but now they’re out and my heart feels free."

In her post, Alexandra also hit out at Instagram for its nipple censorship rules while flans flocked to share their admiration for the former reality star.

One wrote: "This is EVERYTHING," while another commented: "So empowering."

A third said: "Beautiful lady in and out so genuine."

Meanwhile, a fourth concluded: "This is art."

The stunning snap follows Alexandra confirming last year that she had quit reality TV in order to train as a trauma healer.

Last June, she told fans: "I'm currently working towards becoming a natural body healing coach and trauma-informed healer.

"I'm so excited for this new venture having experienced my own healing journey and soon to be able to hold space for others to become their best version of themselves.

"I really look forward to working with many of you in the future."

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