Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi declared that she wants a confident guy who to "rail" her, in a video that the Love Island account has shared on Instagram.

In the snippet, the 26-year-old fashion blogger shares what kind of man she is looking for in the villa.

Kaz said: "I need someone who's confident, who knows what they want, who goes for it. I want a guy to rail me. You know what I mean?"

The confident contestant giggled afterwards and covered her face as she realised the extent of what she said.

In a longer video that Love Island has shared, Kaz can be seen talking in more detail about the ins and outs of her dating appetite.

She introduced herself by saying: "I'm Kaz, I'm 26, I'm a fashion blogger from Essex. I'm a man-eater. I am.

"I'm all about living my best life and just doing me. That's all I care about."

When asked by producers if she backs herself in the runnings for the dating show, she was keen to show off her self-confident nature.

"I back myself a lot, shouldn't everyone back themselves?"

In a bid to show off what kind of character she will be in the villa, Kaz shared more ins and outs of how she will act when it comes to going after potential love interests.

"I'm not afraid to be bold, I'm not afraid to be confident, I'm not afraid to put myself out there.

"When I want something, everybody knows about it so everyone in the villa is gonna know about it.

Looking back on past breakups, the star jokingly talked about getting over her ex-boyfriend.

"When I came out of my last relationship, I think I went from being a sad b***h to being a bad b***h. I just levelled up."

When it comes to dominating the show, we have no doubt this bombshell will take the reigns, but she states she would rather take a back seat when it comes to dating.

"I prefer to be submissive in a relationship, so I need someone who is more dominant."

Love Islanders often end up coupling up with their potential baes and getting down and dirty on the show.

When quizzed on how important the hot topic is to her, she said: "I think sex is an important part of any relationship, and I just think everyone needs it."

She's also stated that she's ready to hit up the villa and get jump aboard the love train to Majorca.

"I'm going into Love Island because I'm ready for love, that's just all I want if I'm honest and I'm just ready for it."

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