Married at First Sight UK fans have spotted Amy Christophers still wearing her wedding in some recent Instagram snaps.

This has led to the rumour mill swirling that she is still married to partner Josh.

Amy attended the The Lifestyle Awards last week with co-star Alexis.

While there she met former glamour model Linda Lusardi and as a former Page 3 girl herself, couldn’t let the opportunity go to get a photo together.

But fans were much more focussed on her left hand which still sported her wedding band from the hit show.

This has lead fans to believe her marriage to Josh is still ongoing and that the pair will end the show still together.

One eagle-eyed fan commented: “The ring is still on! Also you look lush.”

Another chimed in to confirm: “Yeah the ring is still there”.

This comes despite the couple hitting the rocks in the most recent episode.

During the latest episode of MAFS UK, co-star Morag decided to tell Amy that Josh had messaged her last year.

Morag told Amy in front of their fellow co-stars: "I'm really sorry, there's something I'm going to have to bring up today.

"I didn't want to bring it up because I didn't want to plant the seed in someone else's head and make them paranoid and worried.”

Morag continued: "However… last year, Josh may have added me. Sent me a message, multiple times, liked multiple of my photos.”

To which a stunned and confused Amy replied: "Blondes aren't even his type though?”

Morag responded: "I'm sorry, I didn't mention it, I didn't want you to be worried… I told Luke from the off, however, has Josh mentioned it to you? Has he been transparent, honest?”

Continuing, Morag said: "I genuinely feel like he messaged a lot of girls. I just happened to be one of them!”

Speaking away from her co-stars after the revelation, Amy said: "Obviously, things needed to be aired… I feel like every time we're good, someone tries to put a spanner in the works.

"It's really getting to me now, everyone needs to stop interfering in our relationship. Hopefully this is the last we are going to hear from it!”

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