Martin Roberts has accused Strictly Come Dancing bosses of refusing to take his calls.

The Homes Under the Hammer host said he appealed to the BBC for help getting himself on the next series of the show

The dad-of-two said the broadcaster's lack of response has left him "cheesed off" in a clip he posted on Twitter.

He said in the video: "Hey, Martin here, I need your help.

"I’m just sitting outside a house filming in Coventry and you know what? I’m a bit cheesed off."

"It’s been a really rough few weeks and I’ve just heard that Strictly, which is something that I’d absolutely love to do, won’t even have a phone call with me to see if I might be somebody who might be suitable for Strictly.

"And it is something that I would love to do, and not even offering me the chance to have a quick conversation and point out the fact that I haven’t got many years left in me."

"My body is falling apart, the guarantee is falling apart on various bits and pieces.

"And I am running out of chances to do something that I would love to do – and my daughter would love me to do – and I think I would be really fun at."

He then asked his fans if 'we can start some kind of campaign?' and encouraged them to start a "#martin4strictly" hashtag.

"This is probably totally wrong and I shouldn’t be asking, but can we get a ground swell – can anyone be bothered to actually try and do something?"

"See if we can just at least get me somewhere down the line to have a chance to do this."

"Because loads of people seem to think they’d quite enjoy me on it, and I would certainly love to give it a chance."

He then teased that he has got some "ghosts to do with dancing which I’ve got to try and exorcise", adding – "all will be revealed!"

The BBC has been contacted by Daily Star Online for comment.

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