Last month, Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts was rushed to hospital after problems with his breathing.

At first, the 58-year-old presenter thought he may be experiencing symptoms of Long Covid, thought he soon discovered that was not the case.

Doctors told him he had a "massive amount of fluid" surrounding his heart, as Martin later explained on This Morning.

Now the star has given a further update on whether or not he will be returning to Homes Under the Hammer.

It comes after his wife called for a period to “readjust” following his health scare, indicating he could step away from the BBC series.

Is Martin Roberts leaving Homes Under the Hammer?

Despite Martin’s recent trip to the hospital, he has promised fans he will be back on the daytime television show within the coming weeks.

He said: "The team have been really great. I mean taking it easy, I will start filming again in the next few weeks, I've got to get to 20 years.

"So hopefully I will get some nicer properties and they'll cherrypick the good ones rather than the really bad ones."

On This Morning, he was joined by his wife Kirsty, who pointed out it's essential he rests before he goes back to work.

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She explained: "We've said this, I did send a card to Martin when he came out of hospital and I said we do have to take this as a bit of a watershed moment.

"You're just gonna have to learn to say no, because we both do, we always have lived life at 100 miles an hour and we very rarely stop to smell the roses, as Martin would say.

"I think times like this you do start to realise what is important in life. There's gonna have to be a bit of readjustment.

"Even now in this recovery stage, Martin feels a little bit frustrated that he can't just go back to doing everything he was doing, and I said, you know, the doctors have said actually this could be months for you to get back to that place, and it's gonna be a slow process."

Martin has previously explained that he has no intention to leave the show any time soon, even before his recent health troubles.

Speaking to the Daily Express in January, he said: "I still love doing it, travelling is a bit of a pain and stuff, but when you get into the properties… and it’s my passion as well.

"People are always lovely and it’s lovely to be a major part of a show which is so loved.

"Nineteen years on to still be on a show that people enjoy so, you know, I will carry on as long as they have me, unless other things get in the way. I’m proud of my involvement in it."

What happened to Martin Roberts?

Despite fears of having Long Covid, the doctors told Martin that this was not the case and that his breathing problems was caused by an excess of fluid around his heart.

Martin explained: "The confusing thing about this, it’s a bit of a red herring, is that it gets you in the breathing side of things, so you don’t think it’s something to do with your heart.

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"There’s a sack around your heart and it was filling with fluid, it’s called a pericardial effusion and that in turn is something called a tapenade, which basically means this sack is squeezing the heart it sits around, so the heart isn’t able to expand, and therefore isn’t able to pump, so it means all of your organs start failing.

"By the time they got to me, my kidneys were at 30 percent, my liver was at 30 percent, my lungs weren’t getting the oxygen and at any point, I could have had a heart attack…. The heart would have been strangled by itself.”

Pericardial effusions aren’t common but if you have any of the following symptoms, you should seek urgent medical advice:

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing (dyspnea)
  • Discomfort when breathing while lying down
  • Chest pain, usually behind the breastbone or on the left side of the chest
  • Chest fullness
  • Light-headedness or feeling faint
  • Swelling in the abdomen or legs

If you have chest pain that lasts more than a few minutes, your breathing is difficult or you have an unexplained fainting spell, see a doctor ASAP.

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