Meghan Markle has spoken about a page in her book The Bench which many thought showed her son Archie jumping into the arms of her husband Prince Harry.

The mother-of-two spoke to Samantha Balaban before the birth of her daughter Lilibet and spoke of her New York Times bestseller book.

Clearing up confusion about the page in question, Meghan confirmed that it was actually inspired by a sergeant she met in Texas a number of years ago.

She told Samantha on NPR show Weekend Edition: "He had told me the story about how he wasn't able to teach his son how to play catch because he was away.

"And so he and his son would mail this baseball back and forth to each other from Texas to Afghanistan and write the date on it."

She added: "That page is true to form for him and his family.

"There are lots of little small moments like that that were personal memories or anecdotes that I wanted infused in there."

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However Harry and Archie's relationship certainly did inspire many elements within the book.

Meghan said: "I often find, and especially in this past year, I think so many of us realised how much happens in the quiet.

"It was definitely moments like that, watching them from out of the window and watching [my husband] just, you know, rock him to sleep or carry him or, you know … those lived experiences, from my observation, are the things that I infused in this poem."

The book is illustrated by Christian Robinson, and he admitted he was in "complete disbelief" and was "excited" when he got the email offering the chance to work with Meghan.

"For me it was a no brainer," Christian said.

Speaking of his work, Meghan explained: "I wanted him to just try something a little bit new and work in watercolour.

"And that was specifically because I just felt that when you talk about masculinity and you talk about fatherhood, it can often not come across with the same softness that I was really after for this book.

"And I just wanted this to feel almost ethereal and light and Christian was able to use that medium and create the most beautiful images."

The Bench was released on June 8, just four days after Meghan gave birth to her first daughter Lilibet Diana.

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