Meghan Markle's former co-star Gina Torres has admitted she once made a savage dig at Meghan about her royal title during an interview.

Gina, 52, starred alongside Meghan, 39, in the US legal drama for seven years, with Gina playing managing partner Jessica Pearson and Meghan playing paralegal Rachel Zane.

After seven years on the show, Meghan of course quit acting to marry Prince Harry and join the Royal Family – with a spectacular royal wedding that took place on May 19, 2018 – whilst Gina went on to star in a Suits spinoff show called Pearson.

Gina was invited to Meghan's Royal Wedding held at Windsor Castle and attended the historic ceremony along with the rest of the main cast, but the pair have since lost touch with one another.

In an interview with People TV, Gina discussed the Duchess of Sussex and her royal role with her host Jeremy Parsons.

She explained that her and Meghan were on "different trajectories" even before the royal courtship between her and Harry.

And in the interview with Parsons, she took a cheeky dig at her former co-star's royal title.

Jeremy said: "You may or may not know this, but your former Suits star Meghan Markle is now the Duchess of Sussex."

Gina then jokingly replied: "I’m sorry, what? Really? I’ve been a little busy. I've heard rumours."

When asked about Meghan as a mum, Gina asserted Meghan would make a "great mum" and that motherhood would be a "dream come true" for the royal.

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This comes after Meghan and Harry have stepped down from their senior royal duties and moved to California in the US.

The couple welcomed their second child – a baby daughter called Lilibet Diana – at the start of June, after their son Archie was born in 2019.

Lilibet is named after Harry's late mum Princess Diana and also his grandmother the Queen – as Lilibet is her favourite nickname.

When discussing why she and Meghan are no longer in contact, Gina told Glamour there was no specific reason why they lost touch and she's contently working with different people in her acting career.

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She added: "No, I’m not in touch with Meghan. There’s no story in why I’m not in touch with Meghan.

“What I will say is ‒ if I could offer a window into what it is to be an actor and live this crazy life ‒ when you’re an actor, you meet hundreds of people during your career."

She told Glamour that her and Meghan had a great time when they worked together but that they were in very different places in their lives and careers.

Gina, 52, has a teenage daughter who said she is "very proud" of her mum's success.

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