Molly-Mae Hague calls herself Jaws after chipping and swallowing her tooth

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed she has been suffering from a chipped tooth and updated her fans about the incident.

The former Love Island star took to Instagram on Monday and revealed that she looked like the fictional shark Jaws after she experienced a slight chip to one of her front teeth while she was sleeping.

Speaking to her 6.2 million followers, she announced she had "no idea" how it happened.

The Pretty Little Thing creative director pointed at the chip and said: "I don't know how I did it because I woke up and it had happened obviously in my sleep, so I think I've swallowed that [the chipped tooth] part of it."

In the recent video, the reality TV star is on her way to the dentist while pointing at her chipped tooth and comparing herself to a shark, reports The Mirror.

Complaining to her followers, she said: "I literally look like a shark with like a dagger tooth! Chewing through my food like [gnashing gesture] – I've got a full-on dagger as a tooth!"

The 22-year-old then zoomed in and treated fans with a close-up image of the shot with the words "Jaws over here" and a string of shark emojis captioned over it.

Thankfully, the millionaire wasn't left suffering the whole day as she updated her followers after a successful trip to the dentist.

A very excited Molly-Mae gushed on her Instagram Stories and said: "Thankfully guys, the kids are no longer running in the opposite direction when I smile – we are whole again."

She comically added: "My shark dagger tooth is gone – I will miss him."

Molly-Mae then explained to her followers that she got the chip in her tooth due to cosmetic bonding.

Composite bonding or cosmetic bonding is a procedure where the dentist adds a special coloured resin to a person's teeth to improve their appearance.

She said: "It was my composite – a bit of edge bonding – that I had on that tooth that snapped clean off,

"I must have swallowed it potentially – but not my actual tooth, thankfully."

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