The band’s bassist Nikki Sixx confirms in a social media post that the group has been busy putting together some new songs and they are planning to head back into the studio soon, but they let ‘the songs guide’ them.

AceShowbizMotley Crue is working on new music. The band’s bassist Nikki Sixx confirmed the news in a post on social media telling fans the group has been busy putting together some new songs and they are planning to head back into the studio this week to start recording. However, the rocker insisted they don’t “have a definite plan” and are just being guided by the music.

In a post on Twitter, Nikki wrote, “We are writing.The creative process of songwriting has always been the heartbeat of our band. We’re gonna go in the big studio next week and record a few off the floor and see where it goes. We don’t have a definitive plan at this point.Just letting the songs guide us.”

Nikki Sixx confirmed Motley Crue is working on new music.

Over the weekend, April 16, Nikki added another post in which he stated, “Creative juices flowing on a weekend.” The band won’t have much time to get their new tracks recorded as they are just days away from heading to Europe to continue their joint tour with Def Leppard. The dates kick off in Sheffield, UK on May 22 before heading to countries including Germany, Poland, Italy and Norway.

The bassist gushed over their overflowing creativity.

News of the band’s return to the studio comes amid a legal battle with guitarist Mick Mars who has accused them of trying to force him out after he had to step back from touring due to health issues. He filed as lawsuit at Los Angeles County’s Superior Court in early April in which he claimed his bandmates had been “gaslighting” him and belittling his musicianship.

Motley Crue’s attorney Sasha Frid later told Variety that Mick filed the suit to “badmouth the band”, saying, “After the last tour, Mick publicly resigned from Motley Crue. Despite the fact that the band did not owe Mick anything – and with Mick owing the band millions in advances that he did not pay back – the band offered Mick a generous compensation package to honour his career with the band. Manipulated by his manager and lawyer, Mick refused and chose to file this ugly public lawsuit.”

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