Rocker Noel Gallagher doesn't appear to be a fan of The Royal Family as he made a subtle dig at them during a homecoming gig.

The former Oasis star took to the stage in Manchester at the Football For Change dinner surrounded by celebs including Coleen Rooney and former footballer, Jamie Carragher.

Just days after the world came together for the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth, Noel threw shade at the British monarchy.

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This however isn't the first time Noel has commented on the royals – in June, he expressed his frustration after discovering several members of staff took time off for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

At the time, he said: "Now, its appeal is dwindling, like religion."

While performing on Thursday (September 22), the Longsight-born musician said: "Is anyone here from Manchester?

"This is for the real Royal Family," before performing the 1994 Oasis song, Half The World Away, reports The Mirror.

The song became the soundtrack for the BBC comedy series The Royle Family which entertained millions of viewers between 1998 and 2012.

It comes after Noel revealed that the late David Bowie had inspired him to "put himself out there" with his music as part of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

Speaking to Sky News, he stated that Bowie has perhaps "one of the most interesting stories in all of music."

He went on to say: "My relationship's purely through the music, really.

"I didn't really know him that well, I was first aware of him in the '80s, doing Let's Dance and all that, and then going back, when I was getting more into music, going back in time.

"I'm a big fan. I was a big fan anyway, but he's more of an influence on me now than he ever was, he's one of the all-time greats."

Noel revealed that David had given him inspiration for his third High Flying Birds album, Who Built The Moon?

Liam Gallagher's brother explained that it was the first time he'd written music in a studio which just so happened to be the same studio which David had used.

He explained that his producer encouraged him to listen to archive interviews of Bowie explaining that he should be "slightly unsure" about the music he was creating and later releasing.

Noel had previously revealed he impersonated David Bowie while working on tracks for the record with his song Pretty Boy being inspired by the Ziggy Stardust star.


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