Paul O’Grady has left fans devastated with his latest Instagram Post.

The 67-year-old comedian took to Instagram over the weekend to post a picture of the BBC Radio 2 studio he was using for regular broadcasts, announcing his “penultimate show”.

The picture showed the famous radio microphone, alongside a pair of chunky headphones sitting neatly on top of his laptop before he prepares to leave the airwaves.

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The comedian captioned the photo: “Penultimate show today. Hope you’re enjoying the sun unless you’re somewhere where it’s raining then ignore that”

He added the hashtag of the production company, #teampogradio and tagging his producer Malcolm Prince.

His fans were left utterly devastated by his post and flooded the comments section with complaints and well wishes for the star presenter.

One fan wrote: “Will miss you on a Sunday afternoon”

Whilst another enthusiast commented: “Not again, why don’t radio 2 just leave your show on the air, I stop listening when your not on! X”

A further listener noted: “Oh no Paul I'll miss you over the summer!”

Whilst another fan in particular got a little passionate, writing: “The powers that be at radio 2 , are really p*****g me off . They keep messing with all the good bits and getting it all wrong !!! Won’t they ever learn … your the best funny and always so right in your observations … we love you come back soon” alongside a few emoji’s including a face with a tear.

A fifth listener hoped that Paul will just be taking a temporary break from the station as they commented: “Do you mean forever or just a break?” alongside a shocked emoji.

This was the second time in 2022 that Paul’s show has been taken off his Sunday afternoon show.

After BBC Radio 2 had a massive shake-up of it’s schedule, the superstar personality was previously replaced by Rob Beckett for three months in the 5-7pm weekend slot.

However Paul wasn’t phased by the news saying management had a “new regime: where he would be on-air for 13 weeks, followed by 13 weeks off air.


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